About us

Animagrad studio was founded in 2012 as a part of FILM.UA Group and has become one of the leading animation studios in Eastern Europe. Our portfolio lists a number of successful products in 2D and 3D.

  • The Stolen Princess

    The Stolen Princess

    Traveling artist Ruslan falls in love with King’s daughter Mila, who gets abducted by evil wizard Chernomor. Ruslan embarks on a search for his stolen princess – he has to prove once again, that love is stronger than magic.

    Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Love Story

    Duration: 85 min

    Format: animated feature film

    Status: in production

  • Mavka. The Forest Song

    Mavka. The Forest Song

    Mavka - a beautiful forest nymph and soul of the Forest - faces an impossible choice between love and her duty as guardian to the Heart of the Forest, when she falls in love with a human – the talented young musician Lukash.

    Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Lovestory

    Duration: 80 min

    Format: animated feature film

    Status: in development

  • Mom Hurries Home

    Mom Hurries Home

    Animated series about fairy adventures of a family in a modern city. Every day unbelievable adventures and magic stories happen to Mom and Dad on their way back home. But whatever happens they always come back to their beloved son Alex and all the magic of the world assists them.

    Duration: 26 x 7 min.

    Format: animated series

    Status: in production


Animagrad team is highly qualified, executes diverse and difficult tasks. We developed a convenient infrastructure that helps to utilize finances and time in a most proficient way.

Creating a set of graphic (black-and-white and color) drawings visualizing the character. This is done on the basis of literary description of a character and his/her distinguishing features listed in the plot. During the creation, all the necessary developments are taken into account for further animation of the character (2D animation) or modeling and animation (3D animation). The process includes:  

  • sketches quick graphic drawings (search for the character’s image);
  • concept – finalized representation of a character in color;   
  • turnaround – fully drawn character from all angles (front, profile, three-quarters, back);  
  • distinguishing postures and gestures;
  • articulation – a scheme of main positions for the character’s mouth according to the alphabet;  
  • emotion map – the main facial expressions of the character;
  • color scheme (for classic drawn 2D animation) – a palette of character’s colors and their corresponding numbers for precision;  
  • light-and-shadow scheme (for classic drawn 2D animation) – location of light and own shadows on the character in different lighting conditions;   
  • map of materials (for 3D animation) – development of all materials for the character;  
  • map of elements – development of all details and accessories for the character (costume details and paraphernalia);  
  • hands – developing character’s hands;
  • height table – character’s height in proportion with the other characters.