Final song in The Stolen Princess play to be performed by Open Kids band

17 October 2018
Final song in The Stolen Princess play to be performed by Open Kids band

Preparation for the play’s national premiere is in full swing: the actors rehearse in one of FILM.UA pavilions daily, the set and costumes are gaining their shape, and there is work going on in the recording studio for the music part of the performance.  

Katerina Koreyskaya, part of Nude Voices band, is the one responsible for creating the music to become part of the play; its participants are finalists of The Voice 8th season and the favorites of their coach Tina Karol who is convinced that Katya and Artem Scherbina have a great future ahead of them. There is total idyll and harmony in the team: Katya plays six musical instruments and is responsible for the vocals; Artem is the one creating beatbox effects.  

For the play, the band prepares special music tracks, and this is their first work experience in this genre. The title song ‘Krok’ (The Step) is tender and strong. Katya as the author believes that she will sound in a special way thanks to the magic and inspiration of joint work. Besides, the audience will hear Artem’s voice for the first time: the track has a solo part for him as well.  

“Since our childhood, we have been inspired by Disney animated feature films; for us, it is the music of pure genius. The stories we see in the animated feature films become the basis of our own world where we end up choosing well when confronted with good and evil. The music is always special there, and it is extremely delightful for us to try creating something just as special, touching, and magical. And our only wish to our future audiences is the following: belief in a fairy tale, and it will believe in you,” Katya and Artem say.

‘Sontse’ (The Sun) is a song to be performed the end of the play by the most popular Ukrainian pop bands Open Kids, the first vocal and dancing project from Open Art Studio.

The band participants have experience of working with feature films: Lera Didkovskaya, Angelina Romanovskaya, Anna Bobrovskaya, Yulia Gamaliy, and Anna Muzafarova gave their voices to the characters of Space Between Us, and their song Kazhetsya (It Seems) became a soundtrack to the film. However, it is for the first time that the band works on a song for a theatre play. Also, this song is the first Ukrainian song of the band.

“It's great when there is such an opportunity to participate in such projects. We hope that our donated song will please the viewer and will be a great addition to the future performance”, the participants shared their impressions.

The first performances will take place during fall school vacation: Kyiv October 28, Sumy October 29, Kharkiv October 30, Dnipro October 31, Kryvyi Rig November 1 at 4 PM and 7 PM, Vinnytsya November 2, Kherson November 3, and Odesa November 4. The tour will resume during winter school vacation; dates and cities will be announced additionally.

Producer: Kateryna Polyanska. Directors: Kateryna Polyanska, Yevhen Bushmakin. Art director: Mykola Kostyushko. Choreographer: Andriy Sydorko.

Cast: Oleksandra Dudovska (Mila), Lev Dolubekov (Ruslan), Sergiy Volosovets (Finn), Mykola Holovchak (Chornomor), Oleg Shevtsov (Hamster and Prince Volodymyr), Oleksandr Tsener (Nestor).

FYI. The Stolen Princess play is based on The Stolen Princess animated feature film, the first animated feature from Animagrad and a record-breaker of Ukrainian distribution among films produced in Ukraine: the animated feature film has collected over 36 million UAH, and its screening rights have been sold to over 50 countries. The performance organizers are FILM.UA Group, Skazki Sluchayutsya (Fairy Tales Happen)  agency, and Magic Box.

The play will have a lot of adventures, magic, humor and, good music. The plot basis is the story used for the animated feature film: a wandering actor Ruslan and a Kyiv princess Mila accidentally bumped into each other in the streets of ancient Kyiv and fell in love, but their happiness was disrupted by the appearance of evil sorcerer Chornomor who kidnapped the princess. Ruslan, together with his friends and helpers, sets out on a chase after the stolen princess to prove that real love is stronger than magic.

You can follow project news at its official Facebook page, Instagram account, and the website.

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