One of the top companies on the market, Galychyna, had joined Mavka’s Universe!

10 December 2019
One of the top companies on the market, Galychyna, had joined Mavka’s Universe!

Galychyna region is renowned for keeping the traditions alive, for taking pride in its authenticity and ecological purity. And the products of Galychyna company represent their native land at its best.  

The values of Galychyna dairy company and Mavka converge on caring about nature and on having a keen interest in folk traditions and culture. Both of them combine tradition with modern technologies, and they create products that are one of a kind yet dear to the heart of every Ukrainian. This collaboration simply had to happen. Now, yogurts by Galychyna and Mavka can be purchased in supermarkets Silpo, VARUS, BILLA, and since the beginning of next year — in other chains.

“Dairy company Galychyna is an exclusively Ukrainian business when it comes to our ingredients and our values. The popularity of everything Ukrainian is an important and needed trend for our country. Our brand gladly welcomes the popularization of authentic Ukrainian culture, mythology, and poetry. As a Ukrainian producer, we are happy to support national cultural products. Because of the cooperation is based upon shared values, such as purity, naturalness, and the natural beauty, a project will succeed, — a marketing director of the Galychyna company Oksana Andrushkiv comments, — The lead character of ‘The Forest Song’ — Mavka is an embodiment of pure natural beauty. And for Galychyna a massage of natural beauty is a key to the communication with our consumers.”

Spectacular packaging for the new products is adorned with images of Mavka, in three beautiful looks. Three new accessories were designed especially for this — three new wreaths for the guardian of the forest. They include berries the taste of which was gifted to the yogurt: strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry. These are traditional forest berries, that are common in Ukraine. Other characters are also present on the packaging: Hush, Mosslings, and Swampy. Yogurt is available in two formats — drinkable yogurt in a 300-gram bottle and the thick one in 170-gram container.

“We are very happy to see that the flagships of the Ukrainian food industry begin to cooperate with Mavka. This year the portfolio for the brand was boosted by many wonderful collaborations. But, Galychyna takes the special place in the Mavka’s Universe. Even before the beginning of our cooperation, we have acknowledged the modern yet authentic campaign addressing teenagers and youth. We look in the same direction and work with the same audience, both value and age-wise. We are exalted to see Mavka brand keeps developing, we are convinced that our product brings positive changes to the licensing market as a whole and to our partners specifically.” — notes producer Iryna Kostyuk. 

Mavka’s Universe was recently augmented by new collaborations with famous brands like Silpo with a flagship supermarket decorated with imagery from the cartoon; Lantmannen AXA and Lucas™ — cereals Mavka START!, candy and sweet Christmas gifts are already on sale. Before that, other products were created through the licensing agreements: a line of clothing MAVKA BY NAVRO from a renowned Ukrainian designer Olga Navrotska; limited jewelry series Mavka’s Charm Pendant by OBERIG Jewelry; branded series of books published by Kyiv Book House; handmade tapestries by Solomiya workshop and an AR application developed by Signal Red.


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