Mavka invites to a winter fairy tale in Ice Sculpture Castle at VDNG!

20 December 2019
Mavka invites to a winter fairy tale in Ice Sculpture Castle at VDNG!

On December 14th, in Ice Sculpture Castle, one of the main locations of Winter Country at VDNG, a large-scale exhibition of ice sculptures ‘Magic World of Mavka’ has opened.

The installation is dedicated to an upcoming ‘Mavka The Forest Song’ animated film.  The guests of the Castle will be able to see the characters and locations of the World of the Forest and the World of Men separated by the crystal portal. The World of Men is represented by the musician Lucas who is Mavkas sweetheart and other dwellers of his village. In the magic forest, visitors can meet charming Mavka and her friends Forester, Voda, Swampy and other magical creatures, that possibly haven’t been seen by the fans yet. Besides, possibly the cutest character, the endangered Lynx took a dwelling there. She and her Cube are the symbols for a charity campaign ‘Home for the Lynx’ that was founded in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund WWF in Ukraine. The goal of this campaign is to help these creatures in the Ukrainian forests. Part of the fair for visiting the pavilion will be directed to the study of the population of the Eurasian Lynx in the Polyssia region.

To put the massive plan for exhibition to life, over 300 tons of clear and colored ice and snow were used. These materials create a true winter fairytale, and the castle will certainly surprise the visitors. The director of the ice sculpture exhibition Volodymyr Bondarenko tells us: 

“This is the sixth exhibition that is organized by our team and the fifth that takes place at VDNG. Every year the quality of the sculptures grows, as our artists hone their skills of working with this material. For instance, this year, thanks to the peculiar etching technique of the ice, the eyes of the characters became even more realistic.

It’s the third year in the row that we use colored ice along with the clear one, and this enables us to create truly impressive compositions. Often they consist of multiple parts, and the regular water is used to glue them together.”

‘The Ice Sculpture Castle’ will be open to visitors until the 1st of March 2020.

“We are extremely happy that the Mavka’s Universe is gathering so many new splendid incarnations every year.  And this winter fairytale is becoming somewhat of a traditional attraction for Kyiv dwellers and the guests of the capital, — notes the producer of the animated film ‘Mavka The Forest Song’ Anna Eliseeva. — Thanks to it, Mavka is not only associated with summer holidays and Ivana Kupala festivities, but also with winter holidays. Last year, the ‘Ice Sculpture Castle’ with the characters of the Animagrad studio was favored by the visitors big and small, and we hope that this year it will best all the expectations”.


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