The image of Mavka decorated the new cover of the reprint of the drama extravaganza "Forest Song"

12 November 2020
The image of Mavka decorated the new cover of the reprint of the drama extravaganza "Forest Song"

The design of a series of books, that launched the cooperation with the Kyiv Book House, uses the image of Mavka from the very first poster of the animated movie. Since then, the studio team led by art director Kristian Koskinin, who has worked a lot on the heroine's appearance and created a recognizable image of Mavka. This creative process enjoyed the assistance of the film crew partners: the experts of the Fashion History Museum who consulted on the traditional costume matters, as well as the NAVRO brand initiator, the Ukrainian fashion designer Olha Navrotska who created the unique style of Mavka.

The updated book cover design has got also an unusual element: magical runes with augmented reality tags that easily come to life with the Mavka AR app

As before, all books with the new cover are published in Ukrainian and English. The print run will be updated gradually.

The edition with recent animated movie arts will be available in the book shop chains (Book Ye, Bukva, Knigolend), on shelves of supermarkets and shopping malls (Auchan, Tavria V, Epicentr) as well in other points of sale all over Ukraine. One may also order the books online on the website of Kyiv Book House Publishing House, other online platforms (,, BOOKER), and at the brand store. FILM.UA Store.

The Mavka Collection in our online store is restocked regularly, it has already got clothes, jewelry, smartphone accessories. But the books that were among the first in this collection are constantly in demand, and we have lots of positive feedback. So, we decided to update this series as the animated movie production is still in progress, and the creative team is ready to share their achievements. We are sure that the updates will support the interest both in the classical poem by Lesya Ukrainka and the animated movie, says the Director of FILM.UA Store Olha Kondratenko.

Since the issue of the first series of books in spring 2018, there were sold over 10 thousand copies of the classic fantasy drama and adaptation for children in three languages. There were over three thousand copies of the sketchbook with the animated movie characters.

The cartoon-style design certainly draws more attention to the classic piece by Lesya Ukrainka. It is twice as pleasant that the version retold for children was the most popular book in the series, this adaptation was specially prepared for us by a Ukrainian writer, a member of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine Tetyana Schegelska. The success owes to the breath-taking and simple for understanding adaptation and illustrations of already favorite cartoon characters, says the director of Kyiv Book House Publishing House Vadim Romanenko.

In the nearest future, the Kyiv Book House plans to reissue the abridged version of the poem for children. The versions for children will not only have the up-to-date book cover design but also the new illustrations in the Mavka. The Forest Song cartoon style. The fans of Mavka and other characters looking forward to the grand premiere will have a chance to see the exclusive arts that have never been published before. 

Check out for the new series in the book shops in your city and follow the updates about creative collaborations on our social media.

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